The backstory on what God can’t do

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There’s an adage that says lightning can’t strike twice in the same place. And, that’s all it is, an adage. I looked up this urban legend and discovered that lightning can strike twice in the same place; it just depends on whether the right conditions are present.

So, what does that have to do with my new book, 151 Things God Can’t Do?  Well, 20 years ago, I wrote a quite successful book called 101 Things God Can’t Do. It’s been out of print for several years and I believed its message would never see the light of day again.  Was I ever wrong. Last year, a publishing company contacted me and said why don’t you write some more things God can’t do, take the best from the previous book and tell another generation about the power of knowing what God can’t do.

I couldn’t believe it, but it didn’t matter what I believed, God was creating the right conditions for His message to be shared and all I had to do was watch His brillance at work. So, let’s see who God strikes with the truth of what He can’t do.  For when people learn what God can’t do, they will know why they can do all things through His Son, Jesus Christ!

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