The Power of Poverty

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Perhaps this has happened to you. You sign up to do something and then the day comes and you don’t feel like doing it. Actually, it’s more than a feeling. You’re not prepared…emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually – especially spiritually. That’s what happened to me last week. A friend had asked me a few weeks ago to come to a… Read more »

Purposeful Pain

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My 2015, ended with a crash. Life came tumbling down around me. Everything I thought was true, wasn’t. My world turned upside down and inside out. I was walking around in a daze – when I could walk. Mostly I was being led, led by the hand of God in a painful experience that He hasn’t quite carried me through;… Read more »

The backstory on what God can’t do

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There’s an adage that says lightning can’t strike twice in the same place. And, that’s all it is, an adage. I looked up this urban legend and discovered that lightning can strike twice in the same place; it just depends on whether the right conditions are present. So, what does that have to do with my new book, 151 Things God… Read more »